G-Trac Watchlock’s brand new GPS security padlock which has just been launched. It is a product manufactured jointly by Starcom Systems and Mul-T-Lock.

This product combines the world class security padlock with GPS tracking and remote recording enabling users to monitor opening and closing of the locks remotely in real time. it offers a unique way of managing assets that need padlocks. Authorised and unauthorised use is monitored and tampering will raise an alarm.

G-Trac WatchLock, the lock that both guards and reports. The ultimate Gatekeeper: Strong, Elegant and Hi- Tech. WatchLock combines Mul-T-Lock’s High Security padlock and an electronic alarm system from Starcom Systems. This is an intelligent integration of security with real-time alert and tracking from anywhere to anywhere.

How it Works

Watchlock is your assigned security guard that reports every lock and unlock, ensuring your peace of mind by knowing that your valuables are closely supervised anytime, anywhere. The device is fully autonomous, does not rely on external power supply and operates in all weather conditions. It is simple, reliable and cost effective solution, so you remain in total control.

Watchlock Features

  • Receive real-time alert if the lock is opened
  • Generate events to enable real-time monitoring from anywhere at anytime
  • Embedded with GPS capabilities.
  • Battery operated with no external power source required.
  • Robust design for enhanced protection and durability.
  • Cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status, while allowing you to choose the   communication device of your choice, whether Cell Phone , PC or Tablet
  • Provides real-time information that allows you to decide when your attention is required.
  • The ability to decide and schedule the information for which you receive alert.
  • Reliable and functional with worldwide coverage.
  • Saves cost, time and physical intervention with its remote monitoring capabilities.