The G-TrackPersonal Trackeris a unique personal tracker, the only one which allows automatic long distance supervision. With its modern features, you have the ability to define a variety of events suitable for age, health condition, and characteristics of each carrier.
These events can automatically trigger the emergency button in a number of situations, such as leaving a GeoFence, falling, unusual walking pace, unreasonable running, lack of movement of device and more.
Additionally you can be alerted if the device is not being worn.

With our Personal Tracker you can conduct your daily life with the knowledge that your dear ones are watched over without interfering with their privacy and self-respect.


  • Two-way voice channel
  • Remote activation of emergency button
  • Options to receive alerts by phone or email
  • Storage of emergency contacts on the device
  • Geo Fencing
  • Long distance supervision
  • Live Tracking Monitoring Platform &


  • Can bind 4 cell phone numbers
  • Built-in microphone and loudspeaker realized real-time monitor and phone call to bound phone numbers
  • Support Electric Quantity Checking,Low Battery Alarm,Power Saving