Safety is not a Choice Avoid Over-speeding!

Speed is not a choice

Electronic Speed Governor / Electronic Speed Limiter is a micro-controller based electronic unit, which maintains the vehicle speed at the preset speed. The Product offers a variety of benefits to the fleet owners, drivers and passengers, via:

  • Better safety of all Road user by avoiding over-speeding.
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Automatic – Preventive rather than reactionary.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency.
  • Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.

Speed Governor consists of three basic components:

  1. Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
  2. Speed Sensor.
  3. Fuel Control Valve / Actuator

Electronic Control Unit: The Electronic Control Unit is the brain of the system that receives the signals from the speed sensor and activates the Solenoid Valve to govern the speed of the vehicle. The Set Speed, Speedo Ratio are fed into the ECU with the help of a Calibration Programmer Device.

Speed Sensor: A specially designed Hall Effect Sensor is used to generate pulses in relation to the speed of the vehicle and transmit the same to the Electronic Control Unit. The sensor is easily mountable on the gear- box without loss or modification to any existing part. The mechanism has been designed to withstand hazardous and dusty, corrosive and grimy environment and ensure efficiency and reliability fora long time.

Solenoid Valve: A specially designed electrically operated valve to control the flow of diesel from fuel filter to FIP of the engine. The working of the valve is so prompt that the vehicle speed is controlled without any jerks to the engine. Smoothly Control, Fuel FIP INLET Pressure.

The Electronic Control Unit is powered from the battery through the Ignition switch. When ignition is turned ON, the ECU is powered. The ECU activates the motor unit which rotates anti-clockwise, thereby equaling the length of the Spring Rod to that of the length of the original connecting rod, to allow maximum acceleration.

When the vehicle is in motion, the Electronic Control Unit receives pulses from the speed sensor and computes the speed of the vehicle. It constantly monitors the speed of the vehicle. When the speed of the vehicle reaches the set speed, the ECU activates the Solenoid Valve by means of which the ow of the diesel is regulated. This controls the fuel ow to the engine resulting in a stabilized speed