The Asset Tracker Device is designed using a combination of GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies. It is compact, robust and ideal for tracking any mobile object including Heavy Duty equipment, boats, trucks and machinery.

It provides the owner with re-assurance that their valuable assets are monitored wherever it is. It is simple to install and can provide it position using Location Based Service.

Location Based Service (LBS) is one of the new technologies derived from the capability of Geographical Information System (GIS) technology. With the advancement of technologies today in Nigeria. LBS are becoming the technology of tomorrow. LBS will provide you information coordinates to track your assets life thus knowing each assets(s) exact location (street/road level), status (starting up, in use, or shut down) and access several key management reports.

The integration of LBS into the assets-tracking device (ATD) are helping thousands of owners to drive down operating cost and increase earnings .By simply fitting the assets tracking Units and using our satellite-based tracking technology with the aid of Nigerian Digital Map, assets owners experience a dramatic increase in productivity, substantial fuel/diesel saving and greatly reduced operating expenses. The Assets Tracking Device (ATD) enables asset owners to establish exactly how much time their assets (eg vehicle) are spending at locations such as the warehouse, customer site or unauthorized location etc.