Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Fire is an ever present threat especially on building and construction sites, so why take risks? Combat the threat of fire with our wireless, portable, fully monitored wireless fire alarm systems.

Health & Safety legislation, and more demanding insurance requirements, means that construction sites must have adequate fire detection and evacuation warning systems in place to protect site personnel. And with corporate manslaughter legislation now in force, it’s not worth skirting round the risks.

Easily moved to new locations or positions, as work on site progresses, G-Trac wireless fire alarm solutionsare equally suited to new or refurbishment projects.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems in Construction

Our wireless fire alarm systems range is increasingly being specified for building and construction projects because no cable runs are required, and they can easily be moved to new locations or positions, as work on a site progresses.
The fire alarm range offers three levels of protection, and is frequently operated in conjunction with the wireless security and intruder detection systems. Wireless smoke detectors providing a base level of fire detection

  1. Detection and evacuation warning system for site personnel, this includes break-glass units and klaxons for localized audible warnings
  2. The ‘maximum’ level this includes all our core fire alarm products, but with the addition of a ‘Master Blaster’ siren for evacuation of the whole site.

Health and safety legislation, and more demanding insurance requirements, mean that construction sites must have adequate fire detection and evacuation warning systems in place to protect site personnel. With corporate manslaughter legislation now in force, companies cannot skirt round the risks.
All of our fire systems are remotely monitored and comply with the Join Code of Practice (JCOP) for the construction industry, and for the protection of empty buildings: fire and safety. The code is produced by the FPA (Fire Protections Association).

  • Base Station
  • Standard and Hand Portable
  • Hand Portable range: 150 meters
  • Standard Range: 300 meters

  • Breakglass Call-Point INT/Breakglass Call-Point EXT
  • Breakglass complete with cover to prevent accidental activation
  • Single push manual call point fire alarm/evacuation initiation device with resettable facia
  • Internal use and available in an External IP rated version

  • Fire Detector Base
  • Requires a sensor head to suit differing site conditions
  • Optical Head
  • Heat Head
  • Multi-Sensor Head

  • Terrier Klaxon
  • Combined manual (single push) call point with integrated 100db (A) sounder klaxon
  • Not possible to daisy chain or activate remotely
  • Indoor use onlya

  • Master Blaster 127db (A) Sounder (Switched from 5506 or 5601)
  • Base Station Activated
  • Base Station Activated Switch (mains power)
  • Tag Activated Switch (mains power)
  • GSM Activated Switch (mains power)
  • Controlled time output (site specific to meet fire regulation requirements)

  • Fire Extinguisher Anti-Tamper Tag
  • Linked to Alarm system Extinguisher ; provides effective anti-theft, mis-use and anti-vandal alarm for fire extinguishers
  • Indoor use only

Intruder Detection Systems

We pioneered the development of wireless intruder detection systems. All have a proven track record of success, are quick and simple to install and will deliver major savings on your security expenditure.

Who is on your premises when they are unoccupied? What was their point of entry? Which areas did they visit? And, most importantly, when they do enter your premises, what then protects your building and its valuable content from the risk of theft, vandalism and fire?

G-Trac services has the answers – and solutions – to all these questions. Our intruder detection systems are the most sophisticated available yet highly affordable. And they can be tailored to your exact needs and circumstances.

Our equipment has a backup battery and does not need telephone lines to work. Being wireless it are far less costly to install and more versatile – you can even move it from location to location as the need arises. Less disruptive and costly to install than conventional ‘wired in’ security and fire alarms yet just as effective at combating crime or raising the alarm when an intruder enters or a fire breaks out.

Our systems are a fraction of the cost of manned guarding and of course they don’t take tea breaks, fall asleep, spend hours on the Internet or leave the site on extended “breaks”.

Our wireless intruder detection systems were designed specifically for providing security forbuilding and construction sites, empty property, and a wide range of utility and commercial sites. Most of these will be unattended for significant periods making them easy targets for criminals. We can detect when and where your premises are entered and where people go; and we monitor all this remotely. Alarm response is arranged with top quality security guarding and key holding companies and we can also call on police for verified alarms.

The system will be maintained by us under a monthly contract so you get a total service. Capable of operating without cabling or telephone lines the systems are quick to install and easy to re-configure. We have a wide range of detection devices allowing the most suitable selection to be made.

  • Base Station
  • Standard and Hand Portable
  • Hand Portable range: Maximum 150 meters
  • Standard Range: Maximum 300 meters

  • IR 35
  • Internal Use
  • Wide angle range: 11 x 11 meters
  • Narrow angle range: 1.2 x 17 meters

  • IR 70/2
  • External use
  • Range: 2.5 x 45 meters

  • IR114 FR (Quad) and IR114 R (Dual)
  • Internal or External use
  • Quad range and spread: 12 meters with 180° coverage
  • Dual range and spread: 12 meters with 90° coverage

  • Detector
  • Mobile/temporary
  • Range: 24 meters (12 m either side of Detector body)
  • Coverage: 15°-180°

  • Guard Attendance (GAT)
  • Mobile response arrival/departure verification
  • System Defer and/or Patrol In/Out