G-Trac system is a business solution that provides seamless management of fleets, work processes and mobile workers. It is designed to be used in a number of industries, including transportation, logistics, construction, passenger transport and a number other service-oriented private or public organizations.
The benefits are clear – in addition to saving money and time and reducing fuel costs, companies also improve their insight into the work of their employees and ensure improved utilization of resources.
G-Trac telematics solutions automate and optimize your operations – so you can focus on your core business.



  • Safety and efficiency
  • Safe driving behavior
  • Safe Asset
  • Location Tracking
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Notifications
  • Real Time Status
  • Active reporting


Driver Benefits

  • Continuous written communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Emergency call
  • Improved driver safety (closed roads alerts, speed measurements, traffic control, road works, etc.)

Customer Benefits (COMPANIES)

  • Ability to track their cargo online
  • Estimated time of arrival calculation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced fleet management
  • Time management

Dispatcher Benefits

  • Web-based application for fleet management
  • Transportation planning
  • Route planning
  • Current location for individual vehicles
  • Current position for individual vehicles
  • Distance travelled for individual vehicles
  • Work order preparation
  • Ability to input points of interest
  • Confirming vehicle and driver status
  • Continuous communication with drivers
  • Ability to track all vehicle telematics data (CAN-Bus interface) and data from additional sensors (speed, remaining fuel, temperature, cargo)
  • Ability to track and respond to vehicle alerts

Fleet Manager Benefits

  • Assets theft recovery
  • Driving behavior enhancement
  • Proactive intelligence
  • Smarter productivity
  • Increased profitability
  • Higher efficiency cost management
  • Planning and managing fleet maintenance
  • Online reports using various parameters (by vehicle, driver, customer, country)
  • Analysis using various parameters (by vehicle, driver, customer, country)
  • Interoperability and integration with existing information systems and other software solutions
  • Risk management