For many reasons of course! For starters, the word “G-TRAC” Our solutions aim to, and succeed at, making people’s lives easier:

  • All our servers are hosted by our partners.
  • In-house software development in conjunction with our partners.
  • Built with user-friendly interface.
  • Web-based (cloud) and client-based (software running on user’s machine) solutions.
  • English solutions.
  • Accessed from anywhere at any time!
  • Extremely strong Geofence modules that relay immediate action notifications.
  • Support multiple wireless platforms (SMS, GPRS, Tetra, Satellite, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth).
  • Built with an extremely strong tracing engine that allows getting locations every 6 seconds using the same GPRS data usages.
  • Developed and integrated with excellent map providers like Google and Navteq.
  • Free updates for maps modules and features.
  • Last but not least, friendly attitude of our devoted employees.