• Actively Monitor Home/Office

  • Protect Your Home/Office

  • Monitor Your Kids – listen in / Talk

  • Detect Pilfering Through Motion Detection Alarm

  • Identify Rogue Staff/Operators

Easy to Install

This product is quite easy to install or setup. You do not have to call a technician, purchase cables or anything else. Bulb would fit into most light sockets while the manual shows how to connect with the Mobile App within minutes after installation.


Quality Resolution

Built in HD Lens and excellent IR LEDs, this camera provides you with colorful day vision and clear night vision with FULL HD 1080P resolution. You will not miss any important moment even in the dark

360 Degree Viewing

Tired of the blind area of traditional dome or bullet camera? Built in 1.44mm Fish-Eye Lens, this camera will provide you with 360 degree panoramic viewing angle without blind area! You can monitor the whole room (up to 400 square foot) with 1 single camera!

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