We provide reliable GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions…
Lensol Nigeria Limited, brand owners of G-Trac is a Nigerian based fully-integrated Security and Safety Company dedicated in providing advanced information technology and customized logistics management solutions worldwide.
G-Trac has been partnering with customers and corporate organizations in the logistics sector, oil and gas, insurance, haulage, banks and multi-nationals for over a decade pioneering the latest and greatest advancement in vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, Fuel management & Monitoring services, speed limiting Device, Smart school Bus solutions, Container Monitoring Device, Watch Lock Reporting Device, CCTV, Reverse camera, Bluetooth device, Access control and much more. We track, trace and recover stolen vehicles, and specialize in providing intelligent and innovative solutions for fleet management companies and corporate organizations to remotely manage, monitor and track their entire operations automatically on-line. G-Trac services have helped organizations regain control over their vehicle fleet, cut operational losses, enhance safety and security, organize and manage resources as well as prevent unauthorized movements, thus giving our clients time to focus on business growth.
G-Trac goal is to transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives when they are on the move through the development of products and services that provide peace of mind, value proposition and efficient, easy to use technology with an international reach. We create the most-effective security solutions through a combination of products, services and expertise. We have also developed and fine-tuned our ability to meet our customer’s satisfaction.
Our state-of-the-art software was developed by implementing years of experience and feedback from our industry partners, using the newest cutting edge GPS/GSM/GPRS technology and the possibilities of Google Earth.
We offer a user friendly and seamless application that allows our partners to focus on what really matters, driving a positive Return On Investment (ROI). Above all, you are sure of your movable assets location anytime anywhere.
For years, GPS tracking technology has proven to be convenient, useful and vital tool to a number of organizations throughout the world. As the popularity and adaptability of GPS technology continues to grow, significant uses for GPS technology have also increased, especially among companies in the business of moving or transporting goods, people and/or services.
At G-Trac, our main focus is to provide our customers with a solution and a business model that allow our customers the opportunities to take full advantage of the newest Internet-based technologies and to capitalise on current market trends in fleet management technologies.
We offer the most efficient solutions for:

  • Business: Real time Fleet control and automatic remote data logging for vehicle tracking and fleet Management solutions, Fuel management & Monitoring services, Smart school Bus solutions, Container Monitoring Device, Watch Lock Reporting Device and much more.
  • Recovery: Locating your assets and staying in partnership until recovery is achieved
  • Control: G-Trac affords its customers a front seat view to see what happens whenever their vehicle is on the road; from driver’s behavior to managing route efficiency and everything in between through its web based monitoring server.
  • Reassurance: Let others know where you are with your assets in case of emergency
  • Fun: Trace back your road trip; bring Google Earth to life.

At Lensol, our team has special expertise in moving automobile tracking system information wirelessly – across town or around the world – using WiFi, cellular and satellite packet data services over 802.11x, GSM, CDMA, GeoSync Satellite and Low Earth Orbit Satellite services. Our mapping expertise extends to GIS systems such as ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo/MapX and to consumer oriented mapping products such as Microsoft MapPoint. We bring these skills together by developing end-user applications for Web based software – using development tools for the Microsoft Windows platform.
Lensol was incorporated on 10th April, 1996 with our head office based in Lagos, Nigeria. Lensol employs experts who are experienced to develop, maintain, Install, and continuously upgrade what we believe is one of the best telematics software solutions.
Lensol is one of the leading GPS/GPRS tracking services providers in Nigeria. In celebrating quality excellence in Africa, during the African Quality Achievement Awards (AQAA) 2015, Lensol bags “Africa’s Best Quality Fleet Management solution provider of the year 2015”.
Lensol is committed to providing long-term support and service to its customers and has a team of experienced professionals that strive for excellence in product and service.