Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands-free

This Bluetooth Rear view Mirror Hands free car kit Device enables user to make or receive calls without handheld of your phone. It complies with the latest road safety regulations on the use of phones while driving.

This wireless design makes for easy installation as there is no need to modify any interior fittings within the vehicle. Simply clamp the unit onto your existing rearview mirror, “pair” and go.

Once the Bluetooth car kit is paired with a Bluetooth enable cell phone, you are ready to receive or make calls.


  1. Answer and End Call
  2. Reject a call
  3. Call Waiting
  4. Redial
  5. Voice Dial
  6. Super bright Caller ID and English name display
  7. Voice recorded and play back
  8. Can back-up your phone books up to 200 names
  9. Wireless Earpiece to protect your privacy
  10. 4 FM Pre-sets for Transmitting to a car Radio
  11. Built-in high intelligent microphone and powerful speaker.
  12. Voice control
  13. Call Switching between phone and car kit
  14. USB port for software upgrade and charging
  15. Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  16. DSP Technology
  17. Full Duplex/Noise & Echo suppression


  • Bluetooth version: 2.0
  • Bluetooth profile Supported: Headset and Hands-free Profile
  • Frequency Range: 2.4 GHz Spectrum
  • Car Charger Input Voltage: DC 12V – 24V
  • Dimensions: 293mm (L) x 95mm (W) x 42mm (H)
  • Weight: 372 grams
  • Operating temperate: 0 `C ~ 50 `C
  • Storing Temperate: 10 `C~ 60 `C